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Another summer has come and gone. There’s been kid birthdays, road trips, two(!) visits with my parents, a broken fridge, two fridge repairs, a new fridge purchase, and the removal of a forty three year old baby tooth. Yup, you read right, I had a baby tooth in my mouth for my whole life up until about a week ago. I finally put the tooth and myself out of our misery and pulled it out and I have to say, it was one of the best things I’ve done in a very long time. Totally liberating and such a relief.

I put it off for months, pulling out that tooth, because it’s close to the front of my mouth and I didn’t want to look…not like me. But after an overwhelming consultation about a dental implant, being told that the tooth was going to fall out any second and that I’d have to go without it eventually, I just did it. I felt amazing. I felt the stress of it all lift off of me, it felt right, I felt free.

You want to know something else? I actually felt better about myself, I felt…pretty! I know, weird, right? But it’s true. I went to see my dentist a few days later, and discussed what to do next. As I left the appointment, on an impulse I walked over to the nearby drugstore and bought a bright red lipstick. I haven’t worn bright red lipstick since I was in my twenties, but for some reason I had to do it. As soon as I put it on it was like I was a brand new me and the old me at the same time. Who knew that losing my baby tooth would be such a lesson in self esteem? Completely unexpected and a very pleasant surprise. I may not smile as big now (and I like to smile big, believe me), I’m jumping for joy inside.

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The Lady’s birthday cake: chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream and gummy worms. #8thbirthday #superrichandyummy #wormsaddedbyrequest #loudestpartyever

Friendship pins! Who remembers making these? #birthdaycraft #nostalgia #backintheday